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Kaijie Peptide has been providing custom peptide service for more than ten years. Our peptide chemists have been developing new techniques to imporve peptide synthesis and purification efficiency continuously. With high through peptide synthesis equipments designed at Kaijie, we are happy to provide our clients high throughput peptide libary service. Currently we are able to prepare more than 2,000 purified peptides per month.

Our high throughput peptide library service is not limited to linear peptide synthesis. Cyclized peptides with lactam bridge or disulfide bridge can also be synthesized in a high throughput way. In addition, a vaiety of modifications can be added as well, such as FITC, FAM, PEG, biotin, etc.

Peptide orders over 50 peptides will be regards as peptide library orders ann will receive great discount. The price can go as low as $40 per peptide. For inquiries, please send email to [email protected].


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