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Custom Peptide Synthesis Overview

Kaijie's experienced peptide chemists are determined to be your peptide solution. Our peptide services are completely customizable.

First of all, clients can customize peptide sequence at will, whether it is long or short, with or without modifications, cyclized or linear, with or without unnatural amino acids, etc.

Clients can also request any purity and amount of peptides. We provide eight levels of peptide purity from crude to over 98%. Clients can define their own purity requirements based on their peptide applications. For the synthesis scale, clients can order 1mg to kilograms depending on their needs.

For standard QC, we provide analytical HPLC and ESI-MS free of charge. Client can request additional peptide analysis service, such as amino acid analysis, peptide content, water content, counterion content analysis etc.

Customer can even customerize aliqoting and packaging. Usually, peptides are filled into 2ml plastic tube with screw cap. However, other peptide containers like ultracentrifuge tube can also be provided upon clients request. Peptides can be aliqoting into over thousand vials as requested by clients.

Please send your request to [email protected] for additional information or quotatin.


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