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Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) can be used to determine the relative amino acid composition in a peptide or protein. It can also be applied to measure  net peptide content or peptide concentration as well as loading amount of a peptide resin quantatitively.

For a synthetic custom peptide, it is usually characterized by ESI-MS and analytical HPLC. However, it can be further identified by amino acid analysis. Furthermore, because synthetic peptide usually exist as a TFA or actetate counterion form, its net peptide is always not the same as its gross weight. Amino acid analysis can be applied to determine net peptide content by measuring its amino acid content quantatitively after peptide hydrolysis.

This is not a free service. When you request this service with a custom peptide synthesis service, the cost of this service will be list in our quotation separately. If you have any question, please contact us at [email protected].


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